Linda Ross, one of the most compassionate and competent attorneys I have ever met. Not only is Ross a true fighter for victims, championing cases on the principle of justice alone, but she has also given hope to numerous victims, including myself.

She is a friend to her clients and, as one of the best attorneys amongst her peers, a brilliant credit to her profession.

Linda is one of the most caring and scrupulously honest persons I have ever known and that is how she practices law. She cared about my personal well-being as well as about the outcome of the case. She interceded at the eleventh hour to represent me and bring to trial a complex and difficult case because she was outraged at the way the defendants and their lawyers had treated me in order to cover up the defendants' unethical conduct. She took the case on even though she knew that the defense lawyers were a misery to deal with and their approach was to use vicious, "scorched earth" trial tactics. Linda knew that any money damages that I would receive would not fully compensate her and, yet, in a matter of a few intense months she obtained the best experts, got the necessary depositions done, handled myriad pretrial motions, and did much more so that by the trial date the defendants' and their attorneys' collective heads were spinning.

Linda handled a product liability case in which my daughter was injured by a dangerously designed swim toy. This was a rather small undertaking for Linda, but she skillfully negotiated to have this product removed from the market so this type of incident would be prevented in the future. Linda was excellent, a devoted advocate and treats all clients alike regardless of case size.

After 4 years of litigation, LOLR took over a case and obtained $450,000.00 for her client. Defense counsel said, "You made this case. It was because of you and your efforts the money was paid.

"I hope your client appreciates the incredible job you did for her."

Over the past several years it has been my distinct privilege to have Linda Ross represent me regarding several matters. Her level of service is wholly client-centered. Her professionalism and integrity are peerless. Linda maintained an upbeat and appropriately aggressive attitude throughout the trying process and this gave me the confidence that I would resolve my complex problems with difficult defendants.

Linda is a true professional and I unreservedly recommend her to anyone requiring legal assistance.

Over the last ten years I had the misfortune to be the victim in two severe car accidents.

In the first accident I was severely injured when a drunk driver decided spontaneously did a u-turn right in front of me. I never had the chance to apply the brakes and ran into him at 65 miles per hour. My seven year old daughter was in the car and fortunately was not injured as badly as I was. It took months of physical therapy, several surgeries, and two to three years of my life to heal.

In the second accident, a teenage boy driving at an enormous speed, lost control of his vehicle, smashed into my drivers' side door, and then flipped his truck.......landing on top of my car. Had the roll bar in his vehicle not come to rest against my steering wheel (after it smashed through my windshield) I would have been dead.

In both cases the insurance companies admitted their client was at fault.

In both cases the insurance companies still fought my claim and managed to drag out a fair settlement for three years.

Had I not had the experience, expertise, patience, compassion, and staying power of Linda Ross as my attorney, I would have received a tiny fraction of the settlement I finally got from the insurance companies.

Linda works equally hard representing one client as she does in representing larger concerns. She excels in both. I value her trust explicitly. She is a welcome burst of integrity in the "integrity challenged" world of lawyers and large insurance companies.

As far as I am concerned , she is a hero of the highest caliber.