Representative Cases

To protect the privacy of my clients I have not used their real names.

Jane is a 45 year old woman who was exposed to carbon monoxide for a period of years from a wall heater in her apartment. She is an Ivy League college graduate who sustained brain damage and can no longer work in the field in which she was educated due to her ongoing disability. After a 10 week trial, the case was resolved in a confidential settlement for one third more than Jane would have accepted before trial.

Lee was a victim of childhood sexual abuse. He sued the entity which employed the abuser and after an initial offer of $40,000.00, the case was resolved for $1,500,000 at mediation. The mediator urged Lee to accept $1,000,000, but once the defendant saw the evidence our private investigator discovered they agreed to pay another $500,000.00.

Susan is a 58 year old woman who was suing a major hospital. The legal issues were complicated and unusual and after 3 days of trial the hospital settled in a confidential settlement which was more than 5 times what they were willing to pay before the trial began. Susan also had a dispute with her own insurance company for underinsurance benefits after she was involved in an automobile accident with a driver who had minimum insurance coverage. Due to the fact she had a very rare connective tissue disorder she did not heal from her injuries. Our firm got involved after another law firm had the case for 3 years and failed to obtain any offer to settle the case from Susan's insurance company. After a little more than a year of work by our office, the case resolved for $450,000.00, which was the demand made by our office.

Robert is a 72 year old man who was injured when the bicycle he was riding collided with an automobile. Robert was riding on a bike path which crossed a street upon which the car had turned right. Robert did not see the car and hit it. Another lawyer took the case and after being unable to resolve it, dropped Robert as a client. He came to our office and after having Robert evaluated by an expert who confirmed that he sustained a mild traumatic brain injury, the case was resolved in mediation.

Kathy fell off the side of a staircase in a theater which had no handrail. She fractured her shoulder. The theater tried to claim that a handrail was not necessary because the building was built before handrails were required by the building code. There were no offers and the case was arbitrated in non-binding arbitration. The arbitrator awarded exactly what Kathy asked for and subsequently case then settled for more than the award.

Ashley was bitten by a viscous dog in her neighborhood. She had a large scar on her leg. She was terrified of the owner of the dog who had threatened her. We were able to resolve her case out of court so she did not have to confront the owner.