Were You or Your Child Bitten by a Dog?

In some states, dogs get "one free bite." Not so in California. If a dog bites or attacks, even for the first and only time, the owner is legally liable for any injuries. The owner is responsible for the dog whether it is on his or her property, off the property, on a leash or off a leash.

At The Law Offices of Linda Ross in San Francisco, we offer experienced and caring legal services to victims of dog bites and animal attacks. We want you to focus on healing — let us take on your legal burdens and seek the fair compensation you deserve.

With more than 35 years of successful practice as a personal injury lawyer, Linda Ross has demonstrated her effectiveness at obtaining full, fair compensation for people injured by dog bites and other animal attacks. She understands both the long-term implications and the current problems of these injuries. For children especially, the potential disfigurement, scarring and psychological trauma can impact the remainder of their lives.

We offer free initial phone or office consultations and handle dog bite claims on a contingency fee basis. Call us now at 415-692-7689 or contact us online.

The personal injury attorneys of The Law Offices of Linda Ross are committed to seeking full, fair compensation for your:

  • Medical treatment
  • Surgery and reconstructive surgery
  • Disfigurement
  • Pain and suffering
  • Psychological and emotional trauma

There are various county and municipal ordinances regarding breeds of dog considered dangerous, but the legal principle remains the same. A person who owns a dog of any breed is responsible for that dog's behavior. Our law firm is knowledgeable about the ordinances in local jurisdictions.

Victims can also sustain non-bite injuries. For example, people can be knocked down by dogs. Our law firm was successful in obtaining wrongful death compensation for the survivors of an individual who died due to complications from a knockdown injury.

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The Law Offices of Linda Ross focuses on providing compassionate help and effective representation for injured people. We are happy to provide free initial phone or office consultations, and we handle personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis. Call us now at 415-692-7689 or contact us online.