Experienced Representation for Those Suffering Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Medium- to long-term exposure to carbon monoxide (CO) can result in brain injury and death. In many situations, negligent property owners contribute to CO poisoning. If you sustained a brain injury, or if your loved one died from carbon monoxide exposure, talk to The Law Offices of Linda Ross in San Francisco. We have obtained successful outcomes for people exposed to carbon monoxide.

After practicing at the same Union Street location for more than 35 years, Linda Ross has proven her ability to secure meaningful compensation for people who have been harmed or lost loved ones to carbon monoxide poisoning. We offer free initial phone or office consultations and handle CO poisoning claims on a contingency fee basis. Call us now at 415-692-7689 or contact us online.

Our Past Successes Speak for Themselves

Jane is a 45-year-old woman who was exposed to carbon monoxide for a period of years from a wall heater in her apartment. She is an Ivy League college graduate who sustained brain damage and can no longer work in the field in which she was educated due to her ongoing disability. After a 10-week trial, the case was resolved for close to $3 million.

Attorney Linda Ross has significant knowledge of the duties of property owners and landlords. In her experience handling carbon monoxide poisoning claims, she has found that landlords and other property managers can cut corners. When they are not diligent about building maintenance, inspections and safety measures, tenants can sustain mild to severe brain injury. In the most tragic situations, people can die from carbon monoxide exposure. Whether you are faced with a serious injury or would like to learn your options for pursuing a wrongful death claim, talk to us.

We handle carbon monoxide poisoning and exposure claims that involve:

  • Wall heaters
  • Fireplaces
  • Gas appliances
  • Other sources of gas leaks and CO build-up

Telltale signs of carbon buildup in these appliances include flames and black residue surrounding the pilot lights. Over time, the person may have headaches and feel "spacey." If medical attention is not sought, or if the person remains in the home, he or she may pass out. In the most tragic situations, these individual die from the exposure.

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