Drive, Determination and Intelligent Strategy

A successful personal injury lawyer has to be willing to go to trial. Most cases do settle out of court, but an attorney with a reputation for caving in to insurance companies will not get good settlements — and in this economy, insurance companies are going to trial or to the brink of trial in cases that they formerly settled much earlier in the process.

An effective personal injury attorney also must connect with her clients. She has to gain a clear understanding of the accident and the extent and the impact of the injuries so she can detail those losses convincingly to insurance carriers. The ultimate decision of settling or going to trial is in the hands of the client, and an effective attorney will put all her care and ingenuity into your case either way.

The attorneys of The Law Offices of Linda Ross are not afraid to go to the mat for you. Our philosophy is simple: We want you to turn over your legal burdens to us so you can focus on healing. We care and it shows.

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